London - Andrey Kumantsov from Russia is found guilty on charges on betting and match-fixing that became grounds so that he will be banned for life in tennis. This 27-year-old player was found to be guilty of 12 charges according to the investigation of a London-based Tennis integrity Unit. The details for the exact offense are still withheld. The Russian tennis player has compromised his career over corruption between 2010 and 2013. It was also recorded that he got high ranking of 261 in 2010.

This is sad news for the fans of Andrey Kumantsov and his supporters have shown their supports to him through the social networking sites. They could only reminisce the games of the said tennis player through the uploaded youtube videos. The ban takes effect immediately. His career earnings is $103,856.

Corruption is the Reason why a Russian Tennis Player Andrey Kumantsov is Banned for Life

This is a very rare news on corruption which involves a tennis player. We are still seeking for information on the details of his offenses. Meanwhile, you will know more about Andrey Kumantsov online through several tennis sites. You will also get to know his records and the details of his wins and losses.

There are several reactions on this issue since he has already been in the industry for years. It could be hard for Andrey Kumantsov to deal with what has happened since it is his sport and career and let us see what will happen in the months and years to come.

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