Triscia Jumawid is from General Santos City and 13 years old. This talented kid from Mindanao has a story about her grandmother who was diagnosed before of brain tumor. She always recalls her time with her grandmother being together since she was super close to her. According to Triscia, it was her grandmother that taught her so many good values that she is applying nowadays. Her grandmother before always call her for massage and she even let her sing. With this, we can say that Triscia really did have good memories with her grandmother who passed away.

Triscia Jumawid on The Voice Kids Philippines

At the backstage, Alex told Triscia to give her best and do not hesitate to perform well. Though there was nervousness felt by Triscia, she was determined to perform well as Alex advised her. She performed “Halo” and at first, she found it hard to make any of the three coaches turn their chairs. On the last seconds of her performance, before the song ended, coach Sarah turned her chair.

This gave hope to Triscia. According to coach Lea, she was impressed on her performance on the low key rather than on the high key. She was then advised to control her voice. The quality is there and she only have to practice control. Coach Sarah will be the one who will accompany her on her journey to the entire competition. Tricia was the one who completed Sarah’s 18 members. Now it’s about time for coach Sarah to train her kids for the competition.

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