Looking at the situation of Rowden and Liezel, we can say that they are already a happy family because of their 2-year old daughter. The two set their wedding in July 8, 2014 in order to make their bond official. The said date is also Rowden’s 30th birthday. There should be a dual celebration on that date – their wedding and Rowden’s birthday.

But sometimes life is unpredictable. We really don’t know what will happen to us along the way while we are on a journey. Rowden was diagnosed of stage 4 liver cancer last May and he already knew probably that he will not stay any longer that is why his last request was to marry Liezel, his true love.

A Touching Video About Rowden and Liezel’s Wedding

The wedding was then prepared for 12 hours along with all the necessary details. Looking at the video, we can see that Rowden was not brought to the church anymore but the wedding took place at the hospital. It was a very meaningful and heartbreaking wedding wherein Rowden’s family and friends went to witness their vows.

There were picture takings like what normally happens on a wedding day but this time, Rowden was lying on hospital bed. There were tears coming from the eyes of those who loved them and were close to them. Some probably witnessed their love and knew how Rowden fought for his condition.

Rowden’s full name is Rowden Go Pangcoga. He passed away on June 11, 2014. That was approximately 10 hours after his wedding. He is survived by Lizel, his wife, Zakiah Rowzel, his daughter, Lorelie, his mother, and Hasset and Hisham, his two brothers.

Watching the video will make the tears run through your face. This is pure love. This is true love. This is love should be. To the family of Rowden and Liezel, we extend our condolences.

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