The Sing-offs for The Voice Kids has started with the first three to compete namely Winston, Angelico and Genmarie. They went thorough Vocal Coach Annie and Coach Lea in training in order to refine their voices and develop their confidence and diction in singing. The three had a great time training and one of the things that they need to control in themselves was their nervousness.

Coach Lea reminded the three to always say to themselves that “they are talented” and that that will not change. The three performed Rico J. Puno hit song “May Bukas Pathat brought the chills on each and every viewer in the studio. Alex Gonzaga encouraged the three on the backstage before they went up the stage.

Ton-Ton Won Over Angelico and Genmarie on The Sing-offs for The Voice Kids Philippines

On the showdown proper, Ton-Ton started the singing, followed by Angelico and then Genmarie. The performance ended perfectly and the two coaches Bamboo and Sarah gave their comments and choice first but they were unofficial since it was Coach Lea’s pick that was official.

Coach Bamboo liked the angelic voices of the three when they sang the song and also the blending impressed him. Bamboo picked Ton-Ton. Coach Sarah liked Genmarie’s being consistent on the song that they performed and so she picked her.

Though the two have their own choice of performer, it was Coach Lea’s pick that’s official. Lea explained that the reason why she picked the particular singer who will advance on the competition was because he was the best story-teller among the three and that was the element that she was looking for.
She added that the three performed well and it was a hard time for her to choose among them but she has to. In the end Coach Lea picked Ton-Ton. Congratulations to Ton-Ton by winning on The Sing-offs for The Voice Kids Philippines, he was the first to enter.

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