There is so much emotion and action on The Voice Kids with coaches Lea, Bamboo and Sarah picking who among the kids will enter their teams depending on their performances on the “Blind Audition”. This is the episode of The Voice Kids June 22, 2014 Summary.

Singing competitions will always be a part and parcel of the Filipino culture. And this is The Voice Kids Philippines that depicts how talented the Filipinos are no matter what ages. The Filipino kids are the protagonists this time showcasing their talents from blind audition to convince the judges to include them in their circles and proving themselves worthy to remain all throughout the competition. And this is more than just competition because the kids will be trained well to become a better professional someday.

Grace Alade is 14 years old from Binagonan, Rizal and is the last kid who completed Team Lea’s 18 members. Grace is sporty type. In fact, she has several awards received in sports especially in swimming where she got 8 gold medals. At the backstage, Grace made a stretching with Alex and they had fun being together. Grace performed “Try it On My Own” that made the three coaches turn their chairs. Grace picked Coach Lea to be her coach

Hannah Mae Uganiza is the 17th kid who entered Team Sarah.  She is 11 years old from Ilocos Norte and a very talented kid. She performed “Lipad ng Pangarap” in an emotional way that made two coaches, Bamboo and Sarah turn their chairs. It was coach Bamboo who turned his chair first then followed by coach Sarah. In the end it was coach Sarah whom Hannah Mae decided to be with.

Triscia Jumawid is from General Santos City and 13 years old. This talented kid from Mindanao has a story about her grandmother who was diagnosed before of brain tumor. She performed “Halo” and at first, she found it hard to make any of the three coaches turn their chairs. On the last seconds of her performance, before the song ended, coach Sarah turned her chair.

Borge Rivera is the last member who entered Camp Kawayan. He is from General Santos City and loves playing badminton, volleyball and table tennis for physical fitness reason. At the age of 13, he can already sing very well and that can be seen on his performance. This talented kid performed “Stuttering” which is a very challenging song according to one of the coaches. 

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