There is so much emotion and action on The Voice Kids with coaches Lea, Bamboo and Sarah picking who among the kids will enter their teams depending on their performances on the “Blind Audition”. This is the 7th episode of The Voice Kids June 15, 2014.

The Voice Kids is an opportunity for kids who would like to have a break and enhance their talents in singing. Though there are kids who made it, there are those who failed but this is not the end of the world since they still have lots of opportunities up ahead knowing that they are still young.

The Voice Kids Episode June 15, 2014

Here are those who successfully belonged to one of the coaches’ teams.

The very first kid who made it to the Blind Audition is Kyle Bernido from Cagayan de Oro. Kyle at an early age of 13 has a really good voice. The three coaches convinced Kyle to join them and it was a tough decision for Kyle since the three have turned their chairs. The unexpected joining on the contest of Kyle Bernido led her to this kind of opportunity and in the end it was Sarah who won her heart. Kyle is about to undergo training with her chosen coach.

Gem Capalad is from Indang, Cavite. Gem has a developmental pediatrician since she was young and it was his pediatrician’s advice for him to do a single activity that would enhance his thinking. On the blind audition of The Voice Kids, Gem Capalad performed “Just Give Me a Reason” wherein two of the coaches, Bamboo and Sarah had their own version of the song during a duet at ASAP. Bamboo turned his chair and got Gem. Each of the coaches gave their advices to Gem and even coach Bamboo who turned his chair said that there was a slight problem on the note but they can work it out.

Shanne Dandan is a 13-year-old kid from Quezon City who made it to the blind audition of The Voice Kids. Shanne had a very amazing performance during the blind audition performing Up Dharma Down’s “Tadhana” that captured not only the coaches’ attention but also the audience and I do believe that even those who were watching on television were enchanted with her voice.When coach Lea was interviewed regarding Shanne, she said that she has a beautiful range and good expression emotionally that convinced her to turn her chair

Stacy Pineda is from Quezon City and she liked singing at the age of 3 or 4 according to her mother. What’s funny about Stacy’s audition was her mom who didn’t notice that coach Bamboo turned his chairShe even asked Luis if Stacy got in and Luis said kiddingly that she was not watching.

Allina Malaiba is a 14-year-old kid from Batangas who performed “Somewhere." When she was asked about her feelings singing in front of the coaches, she said that she felt no one will turn his chair but luckily, coach Bamboo turned his chair on the last seconds of their performance. Because of that, Allina was included to Camp Kawayan and Bamboo was very proud of her.

The last but not the least kid who made it to the Blind Audition on the June 15, 2014 episode of The Voice Kids is Khen Lobaton from the City of Smiles, Bacolod City. Khen is 13 years old and a daughter of a musically inclined father. Khen performed “Empire State of Mind” that made the three coaches turn their chairs Khen then called Lea New York, Bamboo San Francisco and with coach Sarah, Khen asked for John Lloyd. Coach Lea called Mitoy and he went out. Mitoy was wearing a shirt with “Team Lea” printing and tried to convince Khen to join Lea’s team.

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