Well, the ending of The Legal Wife is the conclusion of everything from the creative minds of the writers. No matter what the ending is, we will always be glad that something quality like this happened to be aired in the television. We will always look forward for more good shows from ABS-CBN.

The beginning of the last episode recalled every climactic moment of the Legal Wife since the beginning. It was a flashback of the dramas, the lines, the pains, the fight and every detail that were etched on the heart of the viewers.

Monica and Nichole were at the hospital but on separate locations since they were there for Adrian that was hospitalized. Monica then beckoned to the parked car at the parking lot and noticed that it was Nichole’s. Nichole’s son Jacob was trapped inside and was endangered of suffocation. Monica rescued Jacob and when Nichole knew what she did, she immediately cried and asked for forgiveness but Monica just left. How The Legal Wife ABS-CBN Teleserie Ended Last June 13

On the other hand, Adrian went home from the hospital and received a welcome surprise. Nichole talked to his father and became emotional saying that she and Adrian will leave for Australia. There was reconciliation between her and her father as her father said that he would like to become her father again and start building their family with Jacob.
Monica had a dramatic moment with her mother as she recalled the time when she held Nichole’s son wherein that was the time when all the pains and fears went back. 
Monica and Adrian had the chance to talk to each other and Adrian reveled to her the reason why he survived and it was the time when he heard Monica’s voice and realized that there was still a reason for him to live and it was his family. Monica said that she still loves Adrian. Monica then turned to Adrian and gave back the ring saying he should take care of the ring and wait for the time when he will let her wear the ring again.
The ending of The Legal Wife is open ended since it depends upon the viewers on how they will see it end. The last scene after the giving back of the ring is they were both smiling and it is still a mystery if he let Monica wear the ring or not. If Monica wore the ring, it means to say that they were together again and if not, it’s the other way around.

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