Here are the Results of June 29, 2014 The Sing-offs for The Voice Kids PhilippinesSinging competitions will always be a part and parcel of the Filipino culture. And this is The Voice Kids Philippines that depicts how talented the Filipinos are no matter what ages. The Filipino kids are the protagonists this time showcasing their talents from blind audition to convince the judges to include them in their circles and proving themselves worthy to remain all throughout the competition. And this is more than just competition because the kids will be trained well to become a better professional someday.

The second to the last encounter in The Voice Kids from Team Lea is among Angelique, Rein and JimboyThe three have shown the power of their voices through their piece “Anak ng Pasig”. At first, Coach Lea was challenged training them as she needed to put to the right key the flaws of the three, especially in terms of flats and sharps.

When the three performed, the first one who sang the song was Angelique, followed by Rein and then JimboyAngelique has shown a very good voice along with Rein and Jimboy. After the performance, the three were appreciated not just by the coaches but through the claps of the audience.

The last performance among three of the remaining kids from Team Lea is truly an amazing one since the three of them, Shane, Kobe and Lorenzo did a great job. But before everything, Coach Lea did everything that she could do in order to correct the mistakes and make the performance of the three better. Lorenzo, one of the competing kids had a problem with his voice since he was in puberty.
Shane Won Over Kobe and Lorenzo on The Sing-offs for The Voice Kids Philippines
The piece that the three performed during the competition was “Hey, Soul Sister” that really challenged their skills in singing. Kobe started singing, followed by Shane and then Lorenzo. The three had a wonderful performance on stage and it was really a hard time for Coach Lea to pick who among them will advance to the next level of the competition.

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