Star Cinema invented another hilarious and entertaining movie this 2014 under the direction of Tony Reyes and produced by Skylight Films and Star Cinema.  The spoofs feature different funny scenes in different TV show. “My Illegal Wifewill hit the theaters on June 11.

Pokwang and Zanjoe are the two main characters. Pokwang named Clarise in the story is a single mother with two kids. She wished to find a father figure for her children.On the other hand, Zanjoe Marudo in known to be Henry in the story woke up with manesia and couldn’t even remember his past.

The story goes like this. They get stranded on an island. They are both strangers to each other. This is Clarise’’s once in a lifetime chance. She convincesHenry that they were married. She portrays the story of their romance, by using the scenes from different Star Cinema movies to form a very unique narrative for the story.

Star Cinema: My Illegal Wife as the Hilarious Movie of 2014

The stories portrayed there were “It Takes a Man and a Woman”, “She’s the One”, “Bride for Rent”, “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo”, and  “Starting over Again” in which Zanjoe used his head in demanding  an acceptable reason from Clarise.

Recollecting the postings of Pokwang and Zanjoe of their photos in their Instagram accounts during the shooting of “My Illegal Wife”, they both expressed excitement as well as enjoyment.  So here they come.

You will hear again the famous lines that drilled into your head while watching famous TV series acted by different superstars on TV. So don’t miss the fun.

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