Stacy Pineda is from Quezon City and she liked singing at the age of 3 or 4 according to her mother. This kid has more than just voice but also good looks. Because she is good looking, her mother is very protective of her. Stacy is just 12 years old and she sings like a matured lady. Her voice made Bamboo turn his chair during her performance of “Royals.”

The three coaches have similar remarks on Stacy and it has something to do with the words or pronunciation. Because the song was challenging to sing, Stacy felt nervous during the performance but according to coach Bamboo, everything is manageable.

Stacy Pineda Sings Royals on The Voice Kids Blind Audition

Before Stacy stepped on the stage, Alex on the backstage let her draw on a piece of paper a face of a nervous kid since she admitted that she had butterfly on her stomach.

What’s funny about Stacy’s audition was her mom who didn’t notice that coach Bamboo turned his chair. She even asked Luis if Stacy got in and Luis said kiddingly that she was not watching. There was laughing on the backstage with Stacy’s family. Suddenly, a teary-eyed Stacy arrived and hugged her mother. The kid became emotional about her being accepted at Camp Kawayan.

When Luis Manzano asked her mother why did she not notice that Bamboo turned his chair for Stacy, her mother said that she was star struck with Lucy’s good looks. And again, there was laughing at the backstage with Stacy’s family and now including her.

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