There are 11 remaining housemates inside the PBB House vying for the ultimate winner after 100 days. This time, after three of the housemates went out of the house last week namely Ranty, Jayme and Michele, there are 6 housemates nominated and one of them will be evicted this Saturday on the live eviction night June 28, 2014.

The 6 housemates that are nominated are Fifth, Nichole, Daniel, Loisa, Jane and Joshua. Big Brother called the housemates that are nominated inside the confession room to talk to them. He then explained to them that one of the housemates will be able to spare himself/herself from being nominated and eventually evicted if he or she will be able to accomplish well the task that was set for them to fulfill until the end of the week. The hashtag for that is #PBBinstasave.

Six Housemates Nominated for PBB All In are Fifth, Nichole, Daniel, Loisa, Jane and Joshua

After Big Brother talked to nominated housemates, the next group of housemates who entered the confession room are those who are not nominated. Big Brother then gave them a task to choose who among the nominated housemates will be their partners. Each one will have to choose one partner by means of kicking the ball to enter a certain door with the pictures of the nominated housemates at the top of it.

There are only 5 of the housemates who are not nominated and each of them will pick someone who will be their partners. It means to say that one of them will not have a partner. 

The results are as follows:
Each of them has his own reasons for picking. Since Jane had no partner, she became emotional over it. Joshua then comforted her while they were in the confession room. Jane will have to undergo the task alone to spare herself from being nominated.

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