The popular love team on television nowadays Kathryn Bernardo and Danile Padilla will star in the movie She’s Dating the Gangster which is an adaptation of a local author’s creation. The said local author is Bianca Bernardino.

Bernardino first published the story and became popular in Wattpad which is an online writing community where readers can readily read stories for free. The book was then published in National Bookstore that eventually became more famous.

She’s Dating the Gangster Movie Trailer

Looking at the plot of the story, it was about a girl named Athena Dizon and a guy named Kenji de los Reyes. Kenji is a rebellious teenager while Athena is a student. What they did was they pretended to be in a relationship in order to make Kenji’s girlfriend feel bitter. Because of their pretending, the two fell in love with each other and their relationship went to the next level. The rest is for you to discover.

In Youtube, there is already a story conference published for the movie wherein the casts, especially the love team talked about their experiences and what to expect from the movie. They also showed their appreciation to their director who did a great job as always.

The fans are waiting for the official release of the movie which will be on July 16, 2014 under Star Cinema. The film by Cathy Garcia- Molina will surely captivate the hearts of those who are fond of watching rom-com movies in teenage settings. Mark the date and make a reservation seat if possible.

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