The last performance among three of the remaining kids from Team Lea is truly an amazing one since the three of them, Shane, Kobe and Lorenzo did a great job. But before everything, Coach Lea did everything that she could do in order to correct the mistakes and make the performance of the three better. Lorenzo, one of the competing kids had a problem with his voice since he was in puberty.

The piece that the three performed during the competition was “Hey, Soul Sister” that really challenged their skills in singing. Kobe started singing, followed by Shane and then Lorenzo. The three had a wonderful performance on stage and it was really a hard time for Coach Lea to pick who among them will advance to the next level of the competition.

After the performance, Coach Sarah picked Shane for the reason that she has a very good voice, so good to listen to. Bamboo picked Kobe because of the quality of the voice and harmony. Coach Lea stopped for a while to think and finalize her choice. In the end, she chose Shane to advance to the next level. According to her, Shane did a great job by showing her good voice quality and confidence in the stage which is a big factor.

Shane was emotional during the time when she was chosen. Shane will do her best in the next round wherein six of them will compete with each other and only two will make it to the live semi-final. Although Shane was the last to enter the group of 6 kids, definitely, she is not the weakest. Let us witness Shane’s performance on the sing-offs where the best of the bests in Team Lea will vie for a chance to make it to the semi-finals.

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