Richard Gutierrez has a baby with Sarah Lahbati and he never denies it. According to a source, the name of the baby is Zion who was born on April. There was this picture of a baby boy that was sent through MMS to the Gutierrez family when Annabelle Rama, Richard’s mother was busy for her campaign being a congresswoman of Cebu. Richard never denies the issue that he and Sarah really did have a child named Zion.

We can still remember that Sarah went out of the country last January when the issue with GMA-7 and GMA Films President Annette Gozon-Abrogar was still hot. Sarah said before that she has decided to pursue her studies in Switzerland and there was this issue that came out when she was out of the country that she was pregnant.

Richard Gutierrez Never Denies Having a Baby with Sarah Lahbati

When Richard and Sarah were interviewed in PEP, both of them denied the issue of pregnancy. Sarah even denied the issue that she was pregnant when she came back to the country last July in order to settle the issue with Atty. Gozon-Abrogar.

Lately, the issue was confirmed that Ricard and Sarah did have a child named Zion. The issue is now spreading through social media and we are looking forward to more clarifications on the issue. Sarah and Richard’s child issue is one of the most talked about issue nowadays since it was hidden to the public until it was found out through a source. If this is so, well, congratulations to Sarah and Richard.

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