Manila, Philippines – The Instagram account of actor Richard Gutierrez and actress Sarah Lahbati reveal pictures of their son named Zion. The baby’s picture was posted by both of them and it is a confirmation that the two really had a son that was kept secret for more than a year.

Geneva, Switzerland was the place where Gutierrez and Lahbati took care of their son. This is according to an episode of “It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez” that was aired on E! Channel. After so many rumors and issues on the alleged child bearing of Sarah, the two now have nothing to hide since they have shown to the world that they really are proud parents of baby Zion.

Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati Posted Photos of their Baby Zion

What’s interesting about the story of Richard was when he said that in Geneva, both of them went through the normal life of taking care of a baby. There was no household help coming from anyone and they lived as one family with the mother, father and child.

Richard was in charge of changing diapers and making the milk of baby Zion in the middle of the night while Sarah was sleeping. On the other hand it was Sarah who was in charge of doing the same thing during the daytime when Richard is sleeping. There is this shifting of responsibilities for the two.

There is already this plan of bringing back baby Zion in Manila but we have to wait for further details and schedule. Well, congratulations to Richard and Sarah for having a blessing.

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