Rex Immanuel Intal, popularly known as Rex Intal is an Ateneo volleyball player, specifically middle spiker. He was born on September 7 1994 in Quezon City. His parents are Narcisso and Ning Intal. He has four brothers and 1 sister. The names of his brothers are JC, Mark, PJ and Jr. His sister’s name is Vica. All in all, they are six.

Rex is currently a sophomore middle hitter of the Ateneo Blue Spikers. What’s interesting about Rex despite the fact that he already played volleyball, this is not his first love when it comes to sports for he is originally into basketball. As time passed by, Rex begins to love and enjoy playing volleyball that eventually got him into the Ateneo Blue Spikers.

Rex Immanuel Intal, popularly known as Rex Intal is an Ateneo volleyball player

Digging deeper into the likes of Rex, when it comes to movies, he is into superhero films like Spiderman, Avenger, Ironman, etc. He is also fascinated with Walking Dead and Breakind Dead when it comes to TV series.

Being an athlete, Rex is a very disciplined one. He manages his time playing volleyball without forgetting his studies. This is a bit hard on the part of Rex but still he manages to maintain everything and put them in balance.

If you would like to find Rex online, you can go to different social networking sites because he is very active on those. There are updated tweets coming from him if you will follow him on Twitter. Or you can also like his facebook fan page and get updates on his undertakings.

Aside from the two famous social networking sites mentioned above, Rex is also active in others like Instagram,, and many more. It only shows that Rex is reaching out to his fans on different mediums using social networking sites. Get to know Rex Intal more.

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