Rein Carmelite Pineda is from Valenzuela and 11 years old. Rein is a very simple girl from a simple family. Her father is a jeepney driver and sari-sari store owner. She became one of those who were given a chance to take the Blind Audition when she received a red envelope of The Voice Kids. It happened one day when her father arrived from work riding a jeepney with Luis Manzano inside holding the envelope.

Rein during the audition performed a distinct Kundiman piece entitled “Kulasisi” which means “bird.” Rein made two of the coaches turn their chairs namely Lea and Sarah. When she was asked why did she chose such piece, she said that she wanted to introduce to the youth our song, our very own that made coach Bamboo very proud of her.

Rein Carmelite Pineda on The Voice Kids Philippines

Some of the comments of the coaches regarding her performance and personality is that she was very disciplined. Coach Lea’s genre is opera and she could relate to Rein’s choice of music. It is her expertise. When she was asked to choose who among the two coaches who turned their chairs she would rather have as her coach, it was Coach Lea. Her mother cried and said “ang galling galling mo anak” which means “you are so good my child.”

There are emotional moments of The Voice Kids and there are so many things to come and things to expect. Rein will surely work well with Coach Lea having her genre as her expertise.

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