The world of movies nowadays is different from the yesteryears, though there are still similarities. Since the attention span of people of this contemporary time has changed, Reality Entertainment appeared in the picture as an independent Filipino film production company. This was founded by filmmaker Erik Matti and Dondon Monteverde. These two have brilliant minds when it comes to concepts and ideas in movies.

Reality Entertainment started producing movies in 2005 with Shake, Rattle and Roll 2K5 and Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom. The start of the motion picture company is enchanted and magical with these two films that eventually became hits. Shake, Rattle and Roll 2K5 was produced with Imus Productions and Ignite Media. While on the other hand, Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom was produced with Imus Productions, Ignite Media and Enchanted Kingdom.

Reality Entertainmentan a Filipino Film Production Company

Three movies were produced by Reality Entertainment in 2012 entitled Rigodon (with VIVA Films), Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles (with AgostoDos Pictures, Mothership Inc., PostManila Productions and GMA Films), and Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang (with Skylight Films, Strawdogs Studio and Star Cinema). In 2013, another two movies were produced entitled Kung Fu Divas and On the Job.

Reality Entertainment is capable of bringing the best movies in this generation. When we look at the movies mentioned above, we can see that they differ in genre. With Reality Entertainment managed by Erik Matti and Dondon Monteverde who is the son of Lily Monteverde, we can expect for more suprises in the future.

This 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival, Reality Entertainment has an entry entitled Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 which is a sequel of the previous Aswang Chronicles. This will take place sometime in December 2014. Reality Entertainment, despite being new, is growing and improving in terms of film production. Way to go Reality Entertainment!

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