The issue about a certain tabloid article written on became sensational and several bloggers reacted to it especially to the idea that bloggers are not needed anymore in showbiz because of online tabloids. And this is CenterTechNews’ reaction to the issue.

Well, bloggers are not perfect. There are times when we can see faults and flaws in their writings. There are even instances when grammatical errors can be detected on their published works. This is normal. And this is the reason why there are disclaimers on their blogs so that whatever will be the error that they will commit, they do not mean it. Most bloggers do their best in order to extract juices from their minds to publish good ideas.

Reaction on the Tabloid Writer’s Post on SEEN: Bilang na ang araw ng mga nagpapanggap na entertainment bloggers dahil nadiskubre ng ilang Television Network PR na dumadalo sila sa mga presscon para magpakuha ng litrato na kasama ang mga artista. Fan ang karamihan sa mga nagpapanggap na entertainment blogger at walang nakakabasa sa kanilang sinasabing blogs.  Hindi na kailangan ng bloggers sa showbiz dahil mas malakas ang online version ng mga tabloids kesa sa mga sinasabi nilang bloggers.  Mga OFW ang nagbabasa sa mga online version ng tabloids.
Bloggers make money online and this is the ultimate truth that we cannot avoid due to the fact that there are companies that give incentives to bloggers with their published articles. Think about Google Adsense, Infolinks, MadAdsMedia, etc. Because of opportunities online, there are so many writers out there who created blogs in order to make money. And we also have this desire in our hearts to earn money online.  And what’s wrong with that? The world wide web has opened opportunities to those who would like to blog and it is nice to see that there are bloggers who educated themselves in order to master the craft.

As much as possible, bloggers would love to see their blogs improve and become productive. This country alone has so many passionate bloggers who are working day and night in order to gather information to share to everyone not only to entertain them but also to inform them. And we cannot deny the fact that there are so many information that we knew because of blogs. Sometimes the best ideas come from blogs.

We have freedom of speech since we live in this democratic country. If a certain issue comes out, everyone has the right to write about it, provided the information is correct. There are times when a certain post contains the opinion of the blogger that is why it is addressed to a certain issue. And if that is the case, the blogger has the right to give his own opinion since it is his domain.

Bloggers buy their own domains and they are willing to spend lots of money in order to benefit from it. Well, think about the cost to pay when maintaining a blog. Think about the times when a blogger brainstorms for a post to write whenever he experiences writer’s block. Bloggers deserve to be rewarded.

And talking about the issue on press conferences wherein there are bloggers who are pretending to be entertainment bloggers, well, they may not have a degree called “certified entertainment blogger” if that exists, but their patient toils and hearts ready to talk to the company that is issuing press releases and the like are priceless. If you are a blogger, you will think of ways on how to gather information and eventually put them in your blog. You will consider your left and right and be observant. These bloggers grab every opportunity that comes their way because they have dreams to realize and goals to meet. There are bloggers with children to feed and send to school. 

How Powerful is Blogging?

In my own opinion, attending press conferences will not guarantee you of high earnings in blogging. There are so many ways to earn money online through blogging and attending press conferences is not the biggest rock. But I believe that attending such will make my blog gain popularity and integrity. As much as possible we would like to write with proof and not just copy articles online, rewrite and post them. Well, I cannot deny the fact that we also do such thing but we also desire to meet company owners and talk to them so that we will have reliable sources.

And again, I would like to clarify that we do not need press releases to earn money online. We just want to have a wonderful experience talking to them. To the writer of the tabloid who posted about us, we are very sorry if we are entering the field where you are now. We admire your writings and we enjoy reading your articles. Only, we are saddened by what we have read recently. Anyways, God bless you and more power to your job. Your articles are of great help to the nation and for small bloggers like us.

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