PBB housemate Randy Fortento Evicted out in PBB ALL IN Edition 5th Eviction Night June 21, 2014Newest Evictee is Ranty Fortento was the eleventh Pinoy Big Brother Housemate who entered PBB house and dubbed as "Maginoong Marino ng Quezon." Randy is 26 years old and a seaman.

The 5th eviction night took place last Saturday, June 21, 2014 and six of the housemates were nominated namely Joshua, Jane, Jayme, Ranty, Michele and Loisa. The said housemates were endangered of being evicted from the PBB House during the 5th eviction night on June 21, 2014.

After the countdown of the eviction night, the housemates were preparing themselves, especially the nominated on what will be the result of the eviction. In the end it was Ranty who was evicted. The housemates turned emotional after the announcement. They hugged Ranty and the level of emotion inside the house increased as the housemate that served as leader on some of their tasks was about to exit.

Big Brother then called Ranty inside the confession room to talk to him. He (Big Brother) then reminded Ranty some of the things that happened inside the house where he became a big part of them. He was one of the housemates who have shown sacrifices and helping hands to other housemates. Big Brother could not forget Ranty’s sacrifice for Joshua to stay longer inside the PBB House.

After Ranty was evicted, Big Brother was looking forward to a new personality who will get out of the house. He reminded him also about his confession before being a man with a very weak heart. But now, Big Brother would like to see someone who will soar higher with pride and dignity.

Host Tony Gonzaga then announced that there will be multiple housemates who will get out of the house and the other one(s) will be announced tomorrow.

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