In the PBB’s fourth nomination night in June 01, Ranty, Ana and Joshua came out to be the nominees but the PBB put some spice and surprised the viewers. It turned out to be that Ranty and Aina saved Joshua from being evicted.

Housemates still assume that Aina is quite boisterous, talkative and energetic. Joshua, who is involved in a love triangle that brought pandemonium inside the mighty house of KUYA, has been nominated for eviction as chosen by his friends. Unfortunately, Ranty received the worst review from his housemates. They commented that Ranty was inconsiderate of the feelings of others when he talks, always wore the double edge sword tongue, never realizing that he has been so rude and angry. Daniel added that Ranty showed no respect to others. Every time, Ranty would back bite everyone.

Ranty and Aina Saved Joshua From Being Evicted

At last, Toni Gonzaga, he host of PBB, revealed that Aina, Joshua and Ranty didn’t seem to be the official nominees for eviction. Kuya has gifted them with golden chance to save them by means of a challenge. The challenge went like this: each none of was to be barred in a cell. This first to find the matching keys to their cell would be the lucky one.

Aina and Ranty seemed too unlucky for they weren't smart enough to win the challenge. And now they are officially nominated for this 4th week’s eviction.

Here is what you can do to save Ranty:
BB(space)RANTY and SEND to 2331 for ABS-CBN Mobile, Globe, TM & SUN  Subscribers & 231 for Smart & Talk’nText Subscribers!

Here is what you can do to save Aina:
BB(space)AINA and SEND to 2331 for ABS-CBN Mobile, Globe, TM & SUN  Subscribers & 231 for Smart & Talk’nText Subscribers!

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