An adaptation of “49 Days” which is a Korean drama aired at ABS-CBN in 2011 has finally been released on the same network. The title of the drama is “Pure Love” which is based on the trailer, Diane was diagnosed of comatose after a car accident that made her soul separate from her body. She could see everything happening at the hospital, house, anywhere and the only thing was that she could not deal with people.

Diane then met the “Scheduler” who told her that it was not yet her time that is why she was given a pendant that she needed to fill three drops of tears out of pure love. And in order to do this, the “Scheduler” advised her that she could posses the body of a girl named Ysabel who was about to commit suicide.

Pure Love Trailer from ABS-CBN Released

Diane only had a limited time to fulfill her mission and she will go through ups and downs of doing this. Another thing was Diane’s family and friends believed that she didn't want to see them crying.

Pure Loveis your ultimate viewing experience for quality dramas from ABS-CBN starring Alex Gonzaga, Sunshine Cruz, Arjo Artade, Yam Concepcion, John Arcilla and Joseph Marco. It will start this July so make sure you have enough popcorns and corn chips with you as it makes you laugh, cry, fall in love and the like. Pure Love will replace I Am Legend on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida this July.

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