A few days from, we will be celebrating Father’s Day. To be exact, Father’s Day will be celebrated in the Philippines on Sunday, June 15, 2014 and I bet you have something in mind on what to do in order to make the day special with your father. Well, before making any moves and if your play A is already done, you can make this your plan B. Here are the places to go for Father’s Day. Well, I am not trying to promote any specific place or establishment here when I mention them, but of general and it depend upon your locality.

Places to Go to Celebrate Father’s Day June 15, 2010

Cafe – the reason why it is good to bring your father to a café is because fathers are fond of drinking coffee. No matter what kind of activities your father has, you can always make him happy by preparing or brewing his favorite coffee. Well, think of Bob’s, Bo’s Starbucks, etc.

Sports events – if there is any sports events in your place and it happened to be your father’s genre of sports, you are lucky since it is easier to make him happy on Sunday. Here’s the tip, you can look for the schedule of games, either in basketball, tennis, etc.

Concerts – on Father’s Day, you will surely get to see lots of concerts offered for those who would like to celebrate it on Sunday. After reading this article, do not waste time since time is running out. You can book for your ticket or reserve a seat at a certain concert. It is better if the one who is playing is your father’s favorite.

Beaches – who do not want beaches anyway? Well, if you are in the Philippines, you can visit Boracay, San Juan, Guimaras, and Ilocos beaches. You will surely make him happy provided the weather is good.
If your father is special, make a move now!

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