Philippine Commission on Women or PCW alarmed over reality show’s alleged coercion, exploitation of women and asked MTRCB to check into ‘Nude Painting’ Task on ‘Pinoy Big Brother June 4, 2014 episode.

The aforementioned info were submitted by information officer last Thursday , June 5, 2014 at around 5:25pm. PCW believes that the local reality television program wherein a 23-year old Jayme Jalandoni of Parañaque City a female contestant was compelled to create nude painting that “Kuya” violates her right to freedom of thought, conscience, faith and belief.

Said weekly task, dubbed as “Yes We Can” episode, seeks to check the contestants’ determination and can to perform sudden challenges, providing with solely 3 “No” choices. ought to the contestants exhaust all 3 “No” choices, “Kuya” will cut their budget for the following week. Jalandoni  initially says no to the concept of being a model for nude painting however “Kuya’s” influence, though giving the previous 2  choices, left the 23-year old with no option but to convey in.

PCW Asked MTRCB to look into ‘Nude Painting’ Task on ‘Pinoy Big Brother

“Kuya’s” exercise of authority over her is obviously suggestive; making the feminine contestant under pressure amid the latter’s rejection of the challenge. Jalandoni’s initial reactions flashed worry and refusal as proven by her crying. “Kuya”, however, was insistent, even citing the inventive benefit of a painter. PCW sees nothing wrong with ladies movement nude for art however it ought to be a woman's free option to do so.

The episode showed the published media’s cold hearted perpetuation of exploitation of woman on national TV. No individual, television show or entity has the correct to cause discrimination, insecurity, discomfort, offense or humiliation to any woman.

Below is the transcript of the aforementioned incident:
PCW urge all media organizations to exercise gender-sensitivity and to push the dignity of woman and their roles and contributions altogether spheres of personal and public life. Section nineteen of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Magna Carta of Women (MCW) clearly states that media organizations shall not induce encourage and/or forgive violence against women in any type and/or the violation of their human rights.

PCW acknowledges the important role of broadcast media in providing info to our individuals, particularly the youth. and they, therefore, encourage all media entities to apply responsibility, accountability and sensitivity in depicting the pictures of girls, that square measure off from being correct and truthful.

Meantime, the Commission is asking the show tv Review Classification Board (MTRCB) to seem into the aforementioned episode and take necessary actions therefrom.

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