The housemates of Pinoy Big Brother All In were given a task by Big Brother called “Freeze” wherein they have to stop when they hear “tigil” and move when they hear “galaw”. The housemates failed to accomplish this task due to their poor execution of the commands.

Alex Gonzaga, a celebrity guest housemate who went out of the PBB House lately was invited again by Big Brother to enter the house as a guest. When she entered, she expressed her feelings of longing for her housemates that is why she tried to distract them during their  Freeze” task.

#PBBLaway Goes Trending on PBB All In June 21 Episode

#PBBLaway hashtag and was listed in Twitter’s trending hashtags.When she entered, Fifth immediately cried and Alex kept on distracting them while they were on “Freeze” position. The housemates tried their best in order not to move so that they will not be able to violate the rules of their task. Some of them would like to laugh over Alex’s jokes and distractions but they needed to control themselves. And because of this, one of the housemates named Fourth kept his mouth open that lead to coming out of his saliva. In tagalong this is called “Tulo Laway.

That was instantly posted to the Twitter account of PBB All In that reached out to so many subscribers.  It was then flooded with so many comments carrying the #PBBLaway hashtag and was listed in Twitter’s trending hashtags.

Fifth on the other hand became emotional over seeing Alex again inside the house. Keep watching PBB All In for more updates of the hottest trends inside the most famous house in the county today.

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