One of the things that the housemates are doing inside the Big Brother house is completing the tasks that Big Brother has given them. This time, the major and minor tasks of the housemates from June 9 to June 15, 2014 will be discussed along with the result of the said tasks.

Let us start with the “Domino Art Work” task that was given to them on June 9, 2014 wherein the housemates will have to create a domino art work that shows the flag of the Philippines. Their product should look like the flag of the Philippines with dominos as materials. The result for the said task is still pending at this moment. The reward for this task will be 100 workers will receive free foods. The housemates succeeded on this.

PBB All In tasks of the week from June 9 to 15 2014 The Island is Sinking task Vertical Longest Line task  All Out Pingpong Challenge task Domino Art Work task

Another task that was given to them is whenever the monitor in the living room projects an acting scene, Alex will have to emulate the scene along with the other housemates. As a reward, a money amounting to P100,000 will be received by a charity. The housemates were victorious on this task.

The All Out Twist was announced by Big Brother on the 42nd day of the housemates inside the Big Brother house wherein the consequence for those who will fail to win the challenge will be nominated automatically. On the other hand, the winners will be safe from nomination.

The result of the following challenges are as follows: on “The Island is Sinking,” Nichole was the winner and safe for eviction, on “Vertical Longest Line,” Daniel, Maris and Vickie won while on “All Out Pingpong Challenge,” it was Fifth, Fourth and Manolo who emerged victorious.

With the above mentioned PBB All In tasks of the week from June 9 -15, 2014, the housemates really exerted efforts in order to pass and accomplish them. Congratulations to the housemates!

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