Things are getting tougher inside the Pinoy Big Brother House as half of the total number of days of stay of the housemates inside the house is already consumed. And there are so many things that happened inside the PBB House this week that really made the life of the housemates colorful.

Starting with their weekly task called “Freeze” which has a very simple instruction. The housemates were obliged to stop whenever they hear the word “tigil” and in order for them to move again, they will have to hear the word “galaw.” Since this was a test of discipline and self-control, the housemates could not afford to commit mistakes as they were only allowed to have three and then the task will meet its failure. In the end, it really did. The housemates failed to accomplish this task.

PBB All In Weekly Task from June 16 – 21, 2014

There are special things that happened inside the house as Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino visited not as celebrities but distincter. The two distracted the housemates while they were doing their weekly task and this could be one of the reasons why they were unable to accomplish and pass it.

Cheridel, the elevator girl, entered the PBB house on the 52nd day and as part of her very first task, a special elevator was created in order for her to know the housemates one by one but there was a hidden motive on the task and it was hidden to her. It was to test the housemates with their “Freeze” task.

Vickie’s father visited the house and she turned emotional. Aside from her father, her boyfriend Jason Abalos also made a visit that made Vickie’s day special. Jason then was tasked to give the letter that Vickie did to her father. Other tasks this week was the tutorials on beauty pageants that was conducted by Ranty and Vickie.

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