The entire week of the housemates was filled with so many challenges: of failures and second chances and they really learned a lot. This time, a more challenging task was about to test them. The housemates were tasked to do a debate. And this will not be the kind of formal debate as it was in school but through a rap battle, if you can still remember Fliptop, The housemates were able to do the task but a confrontation again arose and this time with the involvement of Jane. Things were settled after.

Since it was Saturday, the 31st of May, another housemate will be evicted and it will come from the nominees Jacob, Jane and Maris. But before someone will be evicted, a song was sung by the three that they dedicated to themselves.

PBB All In Updates: Day 34 May 31, 2014 rap battle

Maris played the guitar and they sang together. The other housemates became emotional while hearing the song of the three. The song was sung good with the blending of voices of the three nominees. The title of the song was “Leaving on a Jetplane” which was popularized by the late John Denver and revived by several artists.

Eviction happens for someone with the less percentage of votes from the people. A housemate can be saved by his or her supporters if they will be able to vote through texting with the proper format. Then, came the moment for Jacob to leave the PBB house since he was evicted that evening that made the housemate emotional about his leaving.

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