The remaining housemates spent 32 days already inside the Big Brother house, and this is the 33rd day. This time Manolo was rewarded by a dog visit. Manolo spent time with his dog that he hasn’t seen since he entered the PBB house. It was a great day for Manolo who missed his dog so much.

Meanwhile, the housemates were busy with their tasks and they have to finish it in time. The task of sharpening pencils was still up as confrontations arose due to the fact that they only have little time to finish their task. Then, came the remaining time before the deadline which was 5 hours only but this time Big Brother told the housemates that everyone can now help in order to finish the task but to no avail. The housemates failed with their weekly task.

PBB All In Updates: Day 33 May 30, 2014

Despite of this, Big Brother still gave consideration in order for the housemates to receive 50% of the weekly budget but they have to shoot a ball using the towers they built. The good thing was the housemates were able to comply with the requirement and they were able to shoot the ball that gave them 50% of their weekly budget as what has been agreed. The housemates learned the value of hard work and second chances as they failed and they were given consideration to make up again. The housemates are surely learning a lot inside the PBB House. There are so many challenges up ahead and they have to overcome them.

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