This is the 29th day of the housemates inside the Big Brother house and they have to continue with their pencil task. Since the housemates have already sharpened a lot of pencils, Big Brother tasked Maris to count them. The housemates must reach a particular number of pencils sharpened in order for their task to be considered successful. Though this is so, Manolo, Jane and Vickie failed to accomplish the task because they have sharpened less than 2, 200 pencils. The only thing that saved the two is their hard work that was noticed by Big Brother that made him decide to give them extra sharpeners.

Another thing that Big Brother asked them is that they can choose who among the housemates they would like to continue their task. If they will do this, someone will do the task for them and eventually pass it. The three housemates decided not to pass it to anyone and they were the ones who continued the task. The three worked hard for the task for a possible “pass” since they were given chances to make it.

PBB All In Updates: Day 32 May 29, 2014

The task of sharpening pencils tests the quickness and discipline of the housemates in sharpening them with limited resources only.

The housemates should sharpen a number of pencils that Big Brother required them to do in order for their task to be considered a success. Will Manolo, Jane and Vickie pass the task? Well, it depends upon their rate of completing the task. They should work hard to do this and they should not waste the 2nd chance Big Brother gave them.

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