Alex Gonzaga, the sister of actress Toni Gonzaga made an exit last Saturday evening, June 14, 2014 from the PBB house. Alex has been in the house for only a short time being one of the celebrity housemates. She was welcomed by her sister Toni and hosts Bianca, John and Robi when she got out. Toni expressed her gratitude towards Big Brother for allowing her sister to exit the house because there will be someone who will once again accompany her home and she will never be alone anymore. On the other hand, Alex said that now that she is back, she decided to become independent - to row the boat on her own.

Inside the PBB house, before Alex’s exit, everyone was emotional. The 12 remaining housemates prepared a surprise banquet for Alex in order for her to know that they will surely miss her the moment she’s already out. Each of them also gave their messages to her.

PBB All In Housemate Alex Gonzaga Exits PBB House

Maris Racal who considered Alex as her older sister said that it is hard for them to take for granted her exit knowing the fact that they have been together since the start of the reality show.

Alex’s ideal guy-friend Fifth Solomon also said that he will miss Alex because they both knew each other and they understood each other’s jokes. He also said that when he has a problem, he always consults Alex.

In return, Alex also expressed her sadness in going out of the house. She said that she will surely miss them all and she thanked them for the time they spent with her. Alex’s greatest lesson inside the PBB house is that she learned that not all the time her likes should prevail. There are times that what she wants will not be granted.

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