Five of the housemates were nominated for this week’s eviction night namely Fifth, Nichole, Daniel, Loisa, and Joshua. At this point in time, there are still a few minutes remaining for the nomination to be closed. The housemates are preparing for the possible eviction though it will be tomorrow. In the confession room, the housemates that were not nominated were asked by Host Toni Gonzaga about their feelings on the possible exit of one of their housemates. Two of the housemates will be saved tonight and tomorrow will be the exit of one of the nominated. Who among the five will be saved?

There are 11 remaining housemates inside the PBB House vying for the ultimate winner after 100 days. There are 5 housemates nominated and one of them will be evicted this Saturday on the live eviction night June 29, 2014.

PBB All In 7th Eviction Night Summary June 28-29, 2014

The 7th eviction night has on Saturday, wherein the names of the two housemates who were safe were announced. Joshua and Loisa got the highest votes that made them stay inside the house. The 2nd  part of the eviction night was on Sunday wherein there were three housemates left for the eviction namely Nichole, Fifth and Daniel.

The three housemates who were nominated were holding hands and they were expecting for the worst as Nichole quoted. Then the moment of truth came. Host Toni Gonzaga first announced who among them is safe and he was Daniel. Daniel then can breathe well because he was safe. On the other hand, the two remaining housemates who were in danger of eviction kept their fingers crossed though expecting for the worst. In the end, it was Nichole who was evicted. Tears flew like a river inside the PBB House.

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