Philippine boxer: Nonito Donaire was victorious in his conquest in the WBA and earned the world featherweight title after beating his opponent, an African boxer: Simpiwe Vetyeka yet expressed dissatisfaction. In 31 May 2014, Saturday night, he successfully claimed the WBA featherweight crown after suffering severe injury in his left eye due to the “head butt” the African boxer was throwing him. The competition was held at the Cotai Arena in Macau. It is his fifth world title, which includes an interim crown.

Both were cautions at the start of the fight, sometimes they got entangled with each other. Donaire suffered deep laceration in his left eye when Vetyeka holding his left hand, tried to exchange leading to his accidental head butt injury in the left eye.

Nonito Donaire Unsatisfied in Winning WBA over Simpiwe Vetyeka

This injured eye was the target of Vetyeka every time they clashed. Though the bleeding temporarily stopped in between bouts, still it made him vulnerable. In the fifth round, the referee culminated the fight by announcing that he won by technical decision.

He expressed his disappointment that the fight ended lousy. He wanted to give the fans sense of satisfaction and excitement during the fight but turned out a lot less than what was expected when the judges decided to review the score cards. He commented that he was sorry for not giving the fans the full fight they were hoping.

Vetyeka, who suffered his third career defeat in 29 fights, commented that it was not a head butt but admitted he fought carelessly thus he lost the fight. Donaire feeling unsatisfied, looked forward for a rematch with the South African boxer sometime in the future for closure.

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