Every time there is a Nurses Licensure Examination, we cannot avoid the fact of knowing who among the schools emerged at the top. Well, this is the pride of the school if their students will pass 100% especially if there are some of their examinees who made it to Top 10. This is not always easy but possible just like some schools that got 100% of their examinees passed.

In this article, we will reveal to you the Top 10 performing schools of NLE May 2014 with their corresponding rank, total number of examinees, total number of passers and percentage passed. These are all determining factors in order to rate a certain school. And if you can see your school on the list, you have a reason to celebrate. This is another merit for schools that are doing their best in order to equip their students with the right knowledge in the field of nursing. The schools listed in top performing schools have more than 50 examinees with at least 80% passing percentage.

NLE: Nursing Licensure Examination Top Performing Schools May 2014

 By merely looking at the details, there are three schools with so many passers. In fact, 100% of their examinees passed followed by schools with high percentages. The announcement of the release of the result of passers was done last Friday by the Professional Regulation Commission.

Schools are training grounds for future nurses and with what the three schools along with those who made it to the top did, it only shows that there are so many promising examinees who passed the examination.

NLE: Nursing Licensure Examination Topnotchers May 2014
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