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The best way to learn more about Lamudi is by visiting its official site which is If you are looking for houses, apartments, flats, condo, land or commercial properties, this is the right site for you to visit. And since Lamudi is available in 28 countries, it is easier for you to find properties in just a few clicks. The thing is Lamudi has more than 350,000 real estate listings in several continents like Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America. This is very helpful to you being a seller, buyer, landlord and renter since you can do your business with the platform that it offers. Lamudi Philippines has a Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram account that you can visit for further information.

Lamudi Android App Launch Press Release

Lamudi Android App Launch

On June 20, 2014, Lamudi released its Android app on a press release held at Croque Cafe + Bakery at Dominion Building, Pasay Road, San Lorenzo, Makati City with its PR Manager Elsie Cansino.

The name of the application is Lamudi: Real Estate for Sale and Rent is very helpful to house hunters in the Philippines. It has listings for more than 400,000 properties from Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. And since Philippines is part of Asia, this Android app is applicable to this country. Earlier, Lamudi released the iOS app that is available in countries like Mexico, Pakistan, Morocco and Columbia. Lamudi is still working out to add more coverage countries in the near future. 

Since this is a generation wherein mobile phones are accessible for transactions that are done online, Lamudi is doing something in order to provide for the needs for mobile internet services. And for the record, in Asia alone, 1/3 of the internet users make use of mobile phones.

Lamudi chose Android to be its mobile platform and applications because of its dominance in the world today. There is a huge percentage of Android phone users where the Lamudi: Real Estate for Sale and Rent app can run.

Conversation with Lamudi Account Manager Koen Kok

I had the opportunity to talk with Lamudi Account Manager Koen Kok and according to him, "Lamudi is strict on verification of seller and broker's identity especially on their PRC license".
It only shows that Lamudi is not just a company that is satisfied with mediocrity but it aims to be excellent in all its undertakings that includes the identification of sellers and brokers whether they are legit or not. It was a very interesting talk and I’ve got to ask a few questions regarding the company.

Conversation with Lamudi Product Developer: Benedict Blaza

I also talked to Lamudi Product Developer Benedict Blaza and I he mentioned that -"Lamudi Android app is most compatible with Adriod OS version 4.0 Jellybean and up.” With this kind of compatibility, it will surely reach out to many users in different continents like those that are mentioned above. Lamudi’s brilliant idea of making it possible for mobile phone users to access to its platform is something.
I listened attentively to Product Developer Benedict Blaza and learned a lot about how the mobile app can work best and become compatible with any mobile phone. He had a very clear, concise and excellent way of explaining everything for the benefit of someone who would like to know more about the product like me. Well, in the end, I wanna give it a try, honestly.

Review on Lamudi Android Mobile Apps

The mobile application released by Lamudi is a big help to sellers, buyers, brokers, renters, etc. Because of its availability for download, accessing to the Lamudi platform is easier and it is very functional almost to everyone. As what is written in the page where the mobile app can be downloaded, “Your dream home is just a tap away!” Lamudi can help you maximize and manage your time with the following benefits:
Review on Lamudi Android Mobile Apps
  • You can search for properties anytime, anywhere.
  • You can get more property details with just a tap.
  • You can contact real estate agents or owners on the go.
  • You can save your favorite properties and searches.


With the above mentioned benefits of using Lamudi: Real Estate for Sale and Rent app, there is nothing to worry about finding a house in the country. If you have any concerns about Lamudi, you can contact the following personnel:
Elsie Cansino
PR Manager
Phone: +63 9212142887

Katy Campbell
Global Communications Director
Phone: +49 152 09058759

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