In KC Concepcion's official Instagram account, KC broke her silence regarding the rumors that circulated since she left for Paris: being pregnant. She posted a photo with her working out facing the sun’s rays. She looked good about herself as if she didn’t have a care about the world.

She strongly denies the gossip and said sharply that she was not pregnant. Kc Concepcion has never been pregnant in her entire life she stressed.  According to her, someone has tried hard to spread the rumors since for Paris.

KC Concepcion Finally Breaks Her Silence Regarding Pregnancy Rumor

She promised to keep us posted about her life while her school is in tough going. She wished that someone would just keep his nose out of her business. She added that when the time came that she would be blessed with a beautiful baby, she would be the first to announce it over the public.

Though she didn’t want to be rushed, she honestly couldn’t wait for that day. She left the readers with a sage advice: “Let’s work on getting fit, healthy and happy.” She keeps an even keel regarding this matter. She keepson keeping on.

For Paulo Avelino, he also supported KC that I was not all true. He added that we could see KC almost every time when she’s posting. In fact, she is being surrounded by a lot of Filipinos out there. Paulo found it quite tough  to decide whether to stop courting KC or continue anyway but his main concern pointed the distance.

This is her sage advice: keep healthy and fit.

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