The talks about the Philippine Cybercrime law have gone a long way. When several groups have protested and challenged the constitutionality of the law that was passed in 2012, its implementation was postponed. The law aims to prevent online fraud, identity theft and child pornography but there is a fear and doubt that that this law will give weight to online libel and copyright infringement issues. Well, in the Philippines, the huge social networking sites Twitter and Facebook became mediums in order to show protest to Cybercrime Law’s implementation.

In the Philippines, the very first to be charged under Cybercrime law is a woman named Karla Martinez Ignacio who was charged of transferring thousands of dollars to her account with the use of fraud data on computer. The case was filed under the Cybercrime Prevention Law of 2012 by the Department of Justice with the Philippine National Bank as the complainant.

Karla Martinez Ignacio: the First to be Charged Under Philippines Cybercrime Law

Ignacio will then suffer the consequence of being imprisoned for six years if found guilty of the case filed against her. She was arrested inside the PNP Almanza Branch premises in the city of Las Piñas. It was City Prosecutor Marylin Cynthia Luang who recommended two counts of computer related forgery against Ignacio.

The talks about the Cybercrime Law are not yet over. The case of Ignacio has gathered online reactions knowing that the so-called Cybercrime law is finally moving and there is sort of implementation done but not totally to the point that copyright infringement is penalized.

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