The educational system in the Philippines has finally shifted to K to 12 Basic. K means Kindergarteen and 12 years of basic education that will include Primary, Junior and Senior High. To further understand this, everything will start in Kindergarteen for a year, then on Primary Education, the child will have to go through grades 1 to 6, in the Junior High he will spend 4 years from grades 7 – 10 and another two years, grades 11 – 12 on Senior High. The purpose of this is to give time to learning and mastery of necessary skills in order for someone to become excellent and competent in the field of employment and entrepreneurship.

K to 12 Basic Education Program in Philippines

The salient features of K to 12 are the following:
  • Strengthening Early Childhood Education (Universal Kindergarteen)
  • Making the Curriculum Relevant to Learners (Contextualization and Enhancement)
  • Building Proficiency through Language (Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education)
  • Gearing Up for the Future (Senior High School)
  • Ensuring Integrated and Seamless Learning (Spiral Progression)
  • Nurturing the Holistically Developed Filipino (College and Livelihood Readiness, 21st Century Skills)

The first batch of the K to 12 program started in 2012 and they will graduate in 2018. Though this is so, there will be a transition to be done in private schools knowing that there is a difference in their curriculum and educational system compared to that of public schools. In private schools, they have PK (Pre Kinder), K (Kinder), K1 or K2 (Kinder 1 or Kinder 2) then 6 or 7 years in elementary, it depends upon the performance of the child if he will go through Kinder 2.

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The good thing about the K to 12 program is that there is no shortages in classrooms by the end of 2013.  Other benefits of going through K to 12 program is that DepEd has a connection and tie ups with different companies and business establishments so that there will be high opportunity to be hired after graduating. And since those who will finish the senior high are close or on legal age already, they can now work because of the skills that they have acquired in the K to 12 program.

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