The second to the last encounter in The Voice Kids from Team Lea is among Angelique, Rein and Jimboy. The three have shown the power of their voices through their piece “Anak ng Pasig”. At first, Coach Lea was challenged training them as she needed to put to the right key the flaws of the three, especially in terms of flats and sharps.

When the three performed, the first one who sang the song was Angelique, followed by Rein and then Jimboy. Angelique has shown a very good voice along with Rein and Jimboy. After the performance, the three were appreciated not just by the coaches but through the claps of the audience.

Jimboy Won Over Angelique and Rein on The Sing-offs for The Voice Kids Philippines

Coach Bamboo gave his comment on the performance. And according to him, they did something beautiful and he chose Angelique. Coach Sarah on the other hand chose Rein for the reason that she felt the performance of the kid. That she was like communicating to her through the song. Though the two have their own personal choices of winner, it was Coach Lea’s choice that is official.

Lea gave her comment on the three of them and they congratulated them in advance despite the fact that two of them will leave. The reason why Lea chose Jimboy is that he can sustain his voice with the song. Another thing is that Jimboy had a very special and unique voice and that made him distinct from the other two, though all of them did their job. Now Jimboy will advance to the sing-offs round wherein he will be facing five of the winners from Team Lea. Will Jimboy make it to the live semi-finals round? Let’s see. It’s up to his next performance regarding the result of the competition. Meanwhile, for those who would like to support Jimboy, keep watching The Voice Kids.

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