Yesterday, June 21, 2014, the remaining housemates became emotional as Ranty said goodbye. After Ranty made a dramatic exit from the house, host Toni Gonzaga announced that there will be multiple housemates who will say goodbye aside from Ranty. Toni mentioned that two more housemates will exit and when she was about to speak about the names of the housemates, she said that the next day will be the announcement. It gave nervousness on the hearts of the nominated housemates namely Loisa, Jayme and Michele. 

Then the day for the 6th eviction night came and the moment of truth was finally in. The housemates were emotional because they knew that any moment two more will be deducted from them. In the end they were Jayme Jalandoni, “Devouted Daughter of Las Pinas” and Michele Gumabao, “Spunky Spiker of Quezon City”.  The two got the lowest percentage of votes that got them evicted. Jayme received 8.43% while Michele got 9.47%. 

Every housemate that goes out of the PBB house has to share the things that he or she learned inside and according to Jayme, she learned to be bold her faith even if the world hates him. On the other hand, Michele has changed her views of life as she learned to trust God inside the house.

There are still remaining housemates inside the house who will go through several tasks set for them to fulfill by Big Brother. Life has to go on for them despite the fact that three of their housemates have left for two consecutive eviction nights.

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