Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla made a visit to the PBB House that allowed them to bond with the housemates. And part of Kathryn’s visit inside the PBB House is Big Brother’s plan to settle the issues between her and Jane Oineza, one of the housemates. We have known from my previous post that Kathryn reacted on Jane’s comment during the time when Loisa asked about Kathryn’s nose. There seemed to be an issue on that.

And because Big Brother would like them to preserve their friendship, he requested the two to enter the confession room in order to solve the issue. It was the moment of truth, and Jane will explain the things that happened during that time and why did she react that way.

Jane Oineza’s Explanation on the “No Comment” Issue on Kathryn Bernardo

According to her, the reason why she answered such is that she really didn’t know if Kathryn went through or not. For the sake of being safe in terms of her answer, she said “no commenton the issue but she never meant to sound something bad.

Kathryn on the other hand, said to her that when she will be asked again the same question, it would be better for her not to answer the question.

Big Brother then advised the two that they need to preserve their friendship as much as possible and avoid any conflict because they both work on the same industry and they are friends. In the end, Jane and Kathryn successfully settled the issue with Big Brother in between.

During that day, Kathryn and Daniel were invited by Big Brother to the confession room to talk to them. Daniel then jokingly asked for a favor from Big Brother if he could stay inside the PBB House.

There will surely be reactions from the netizens regarding Jane and Kathryn’s issue, and what do you think about this one?

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