Manila, Philippines – Hongkong Textbook Author Responded on Stereotyping Issue on their Primary 3 General Studies workbook contents about the stereotyping of Pinoys in Hong Kong spread online and gathered a lot of criticism from Filipinos worldwide. It was about a primary school textbook in the said country with a page entitled “racial harmony.” The said textbook asks the students to fill in the blanks with suggested answers Japanese, Indian, British, Chinese, Korean and Filipino.
We, CEnterTechNews, received an email from the author of Hongkong Textbook as a response to News posted last May 6, 2014.

We, CEnterTechNews, received an email from the author of Hongkong Textbook as a response to News posted last May 6, 2014

The email contains the following;

From: fiona wan <> 7:21 PM (16 hours ago) To: 4 June 2014 Dear Editor, In response to the recent news regarding the content of our Primary 3 General Studies workbook (, the company would like to make the following statement: For the topic ‘Racial Harmony’, the Editor’s intention was to highlight examples of non-Chinese who live in Hong Kong and are familiar to local primary students, in order for the students to understand how different cultures live in harmony in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has never shown any prejudice towards different occupations, but has always respected people who are hard-working and responsible. The examples used in this textbook are meant for the students to be thankful of people in various working positions. Domestic helpers are highly respected and greatly appreciated in Hong Kong. There are over 180,000 Filipinos living and working in Hong Kong, the majority as domestic workers, and they make an indispensable contribution to society. As members of their employers’ households, they are often treasured as part of the family. All occupations have equal value, and we fully respect this. The company always aims to publish high-quality textbooks to meet the needs of Hong Kong schools. We understand the concerns expressed and take them fully to heart. In view of the comments, we will consult different ethnic groups and other stakeholders for improvements so as to avoid any unintended interpretation of our teaching materials. Should you have any questions, please contact Ms Vivian Wan at 852-2408 8801.  Best regards, Educational Publishing House

The above statement came after the CHR or Philippine Commission on Human Rights demanded the Hong Kong government to ‘rectify’ what it described as  “definitely racist” content that might forged a negative impact on Filipino Communities.

The Manila chief of the Human Rights Information and Communication Division, Atty. Marc Titus Cebreros, said that they are calling upon Hong Kong Education authority to rectify the  insensitive, unscholarly and grossly discriminatory way the textbook defined Filipinos as Domestic Helper.

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