GMA is excellent in terms of innovation and technology considering the fact that it has changed for the better through the years. With so many good shows and programs in the said network, GMA is undoubtedly one of the most loved networks in the country along with its counterparts. It has also expanded and reached out to different people around the world through its online services.

If you would like to catch GMA online, here are the ways how.

Online Video Live Streaming – The good thing about GMA’s live streaming is that there replays and indicated on the title of the videos. Say for example, if you are going to watch 24 Oras online and did not catch it on time, there are replays.

GMA News Online – Watching news nowadays is not just limited to televisions since it is possible to acquire them online. GMA is fast in delivering the hottest news here and abroad through its online news portal. Be updated and connect this to your social networking account.

GMA Radio – GMA’s radio partner is DZBB. If you want to be entertained and informed, you can tune in to this radio station. This is good for those who would rather listen than watch. There are television shows also that are broadcasted through DZBB depending on the location.

GMA Official Youtube News Channel – If you missed the news on the television, do not worry because GMA can be found on Youtube with its news channel. There is only a short difference in time of broadcasting and uploading and you can watch the news the same day.

GMA Mobile News App – The new fad nowadays in terms of rendering services is through mobile applications. GMA has its own and if you have with you your Android phone, it is possible to be updated with the latest news as long as you will install the application.

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