Ken Anderson, Gerald Anderson’s brother would like to enter showbiz due to the fact that he was inspired by his brother’s achievements. We have known that Gerald got lots of break in showbiz since his entry in Pinoy Big Brother House.

During an interview by ABS-CBN to the younger Anderson, Gerald convinced him to enter showbiz by saying “why don’t you give it a try?” and he responded positively. According to him, it will not be hard for him to become an actor and enter the showbiz industry because he took up drama classes in the United States.  It was his brother who motivated him to give his heart to acting. The only thing that he needs to work out is his tagalog accent.

Gerald Anderson’s Brother named Ken Anderson to Follow His Showbiz Footsteps

When he was asked who among the Filipino actresses he would like to work with, he said that it would be Jasmine Curtis since Anne is too old to work for him. He really liked Jasmine. There is no problem with him if he will be compared to his brother because he admires his brother a lot and he is his source of inspiration.
Ken also said that he is still not used to all the things about showbiz in the Philippines but he is glad that his brother Gerald is there to guide him.

It is good to see new faces in showbiz industry and through Ken’s decision to enter showbiz, there are so many surprises awaiting the viewers. Let us see what will happen next.

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