‘’We had something special” Paulo Avelino told, pertaining to KC Concepcion in a press conference of his upcoming series SANA BUKAS PA ANG KAHAPON together with Bea Alonso. Paulo and KC have been friends or best friends as KC admitted in her interview with Kris on Aquino and Abunda.

Paulo Avelino admitted that they had something special – special in a way that they were almost ready to step to the next level, a level that leaves the feeling of being friends. They tried to do it but faced a lot of hindrances. He pointed out mainly the distance between them. KC Concepcion as of now is in the US, taking a short course on acting.
Find Out Why Paulo and KC Didn’t Work Out

Recollecting the previous interview with KC on Aquino and Abunda, she admitted that she was not closing any doors for Paulo. She was hoping that Paulo Avelino might be the one who would not dare breaking her heart.

When asked if there would be chance for both of them, he replied that maybe and nobody could put an end to it. He was also asked if currently single, he did not hesitate to answer that he was and had always been. 

Being single means being available. The question is will his heart be always available for KC.

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