Manila, Philippines – The issue about the stereotyping of Pinoys in Hong Kong spread online and gathered a lot of criticism from Filipinos worldwide. It was about a primary school textbook in the said country with a page entitled “racial harmony.” The said textbook asks the students to fill in the blanks with suggested answers Japanese, Indian, British, Chinese, Korean and Filipino.

The issue became sensational when it was published by Hongwrong blog. Because of this, the textbook became popular in the teacher forums online. In Facebook and other social networking sites alone there were reactions from the netizens about the said stereotyping. Tom Grundy, a British activist also said that there is another textbook that was published by Singaporean Educational Publishing House Ltd which makes use of white, black, brown or yellow on a certain chapter called “We are a family” from “The Wonderful World.”

Pinoys as Domestic Helper on Hong Kong Textbook

There is also an issue regarding the criticism of Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Center for Hong Kong in 1999 due to publishing books that allow stereotyping. The issue now is made known and addressed to the Hong Kong government and we are looking forward to what might be the action that they will do regarding the stereotyping issue. This issue is not that simple since it has the capacity to feed the minds of the youngsters and will eventually practice stereotyping in the near future. The Filipinos are not happy with this since it affects how the world sees the citizens of the Philippines. Let us look forward to a positive action.

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