A former ABS-CBN star magic talent, former Miss Photogenic awardee in Miss Bikini Philippines 2008 and presently, a sport caster of Philippine Basketball Association: Erika Padilla is becoming a legend in her own time when she poses in FHM magazine cover photo, covering June 2014 issue.

On Tuesday, the popular men’s magazine FHM released her almost no clothes photo where she posed like nobody’s business.  She made a killing with it. As of now, she works as a columnist for the online platform of FHM.

She commented that when you said FHM cover, it was not just about being perfect body shape or baring your body. It was about establishing certain success. With this cover, she just wanted to somehow celebrate the humble success that she was able to achieve from being an actress to a sport caster to a writer and what not.

Erika Padilla is Now Trending On FHM covering June 2014 issue

Taken by Ejay Leung, herphoto made a hit with the viewers. She posed like professional and made a name for herself. Wearing only a white tank top printed with black letters saying “#selfie”, she looked fantastically perfect body shape and quite seductive. In the pages of FHM, she wore a bikini with knee-high socks inside, a kiss of what she usually wears as a sport caster.

It is her once-in-a-life-time opportunity to look up to. On the other hand, FHM has never been so lucky to have such beauty and body wrapped together in one package. All in all, she is really sweating blood for whatsoever opportunities crossed her path in the coming future.

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