Eric “Eruption” Tai lost in an NBA bet that made him face the consequence. Eric Tai and Billy Crawford bet on NBA but it was not on money basis but on consequence. Both of them are It’s Showtime host and they have already done this last year. Eric was on Miami’s side last year and Billy was on Spurs’. Miami won the championship last year and they have agreed that whoever will lose on the bet will have his hair colored and Billy did as what they have agreed upon.

This time, during a certain episode of It’s Showtime, host Vhong Navarro explained about the betting and the revelation. He said that before the start of the Miami and Spurs game, Eric and Billy bet on who will get the championship crown. He also explained that whoever will lose the betting will dress like a girl. Billy cannot hide his laughing when hosts Vhong, Vice Ganda and the others announced the entrance of Eric wearing dress and high heels on make-up.  Eric has large body that made him look funny on the attire. He was even dubbed as “She Hulk” and there was laughing inside the studio.

Eric Tai Wore Make-Up and Skirt

Vice said kiddingly that he was putting the name of the gays on shame. He also said that Eric’s face is beautiful but the thing is he has moustache and his body is big. Eric then gave Billy a handshake and Billy thanked him for showing sportsmanship. Billy also added that when Spurs was defeated, he will not wear such attire and there was laughing again. The audience gave Eric a loud round of applause for what he did. Vice Ganda then explained that the “gays” should not be offended for what Eric wore because they do not mean to make fun of their gender but that was just for the sake of betting.

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