There are so many surprises inside the PBB house and not only the housemates who get surprised often but also the viewers. Now, the biggest surprise is the entry of the “Elevator Girl” named Cheridel Alejandrino inside the PBB house dubbed as "Elevator Nanay ng Olongapo".

Last Saturday, Alex Gonzaga, one of the celebrity housemates made an exit and Alejandrino was the replacement. Alejandrino is a 26-year-old Youtube sensation who became famous when a video of her informing the passengers about the things that they can find on a particular floor. The way the “Elevator Girl” informed the passengers is amazing because it was full of energy and enthusiasm. Because of that, she was admired by so many Filipinos who happened to watch her video that turned sensational online.

Elevator Girl named Cheridel Alejandrino Now a Housemate on PBB All In

There are expectations with the “Elevator Girl.” In fact, she is not just a mother but also a daughter who would like to give her parents their own house and lot before they will pass away. Cheridel is full of dreams and we can expect a lot from her inside the PBB house as she will spread optimism and enthusiasm with the 12 remaining housemates.

Her greatest asset is her optimistic behavior and the management of SM Supermalls recognized her for working hard despite the fact that it is not easy to be on her shoes. Will she be able to surpass the challenges inside the PBB house? Well, let’s continue watching PBB All In and support Cheridel in her stay inside the house.

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