Douglas Alabe is a British-Filipino from Iloilo. He is 11 years and good looking. His father is in England and he is currently staying with his mother here in the Philippines. When his father called, he said “You do your best” that truly motivated Douglas to make it to one of the teams. Douglas joined The Voice Kids Blind Audition for his family. He wanted his family to be proud of him.

He sang “Yesterday’s Dream” and it was evident with his performance that he was hitting high notes. During his performance, the coaches were listening attentively in order to be convinced to turn their chairs. And in the end, it was coach Bamboo who made the brave decision of including him to his team – Camp Kawayan.

Douglas Alabe on The Voice Kids Philippines

The coaches then gave their comments on Douglas’ performance and they even admired him for being good looking. At an early age of 11 he can already sing very well. The coaches were honest with their evaluations. According to coach Bamboo, “the performance is not perfect” but the quality of the voice is something. Such good and honest coaches of The Voice Kids.

Since Douglas was included in Camp Kawayan, Coach Bamboo assured him that they will work together in order to develop his voice and eventually work out his weaknesses. Douglas is just one of the lucky kids who went through Blind Audition and entered. His future lies on how he will be able to work out his voice and practice well by listening to Coach Bamboo’s advices.

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